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We started with the goal of helping people find contractors using the bidding system that is normally unique to government projects. Although initially focused on the local level, we soon realized the abilities of the internet would allow us to offer our service at the national level. The service, though now offered nationwide, allows members within a community to search for local contractors, list the projects or services they need, and receive bids for those projects and/or services.

Our service allows you to avoid numerous phone calls doing price comparisons, annoying sales tactics, and unlimited disclosure of personal information such as phone numbers and email. Our customers decide who they want to give access to their information.

It’s Simple and Easy

Do you need a service or project done?

List the project you need done using biddogs.net unique online service, and BidDogs connects you with the relevant local contractors you need. Contractor's view your listing, can ask questions through a unique private messaging system, and can bid on the project you need done, all right online. After reviewing the contractors’ reputation and comparing the bids, you select the contractor you want for your project. When your project is completed, you can (and we hope you will) give a review of the work performed.

Are you a contractor looking for a project?

Contractors can “pre-screen” local project requests for suitability to their abilities and schedule. As a contractor you can ask questions, bid online, and get to work fast! After completing a project, request a review from your client to build your reputation.

We are successful only if you are successful, and continually work to build your trust and confidence.

Thank you for using biddogs.net

How Our Service Works

Step-by-step Instructions for the Consumer/Homeowner

  1. Register your account. Consumers can sign up for free to post unlimited projects.
  2. Place mouse over your user name (upper right corner) to access the drop-down menu.
  3. Pick your choice. To post a new project select “projects”.
  4. On the Projects page, press the yellow “New Project” button.
  5. Follow the instructions on the New Project page.
  6. Once contractors are interested in your project, go to the contractor’s profile page for information about the contractor, including reviews from previous consumers. If you like what you see on their page, allow them to bid on your project.
  7. You can also communicate with the contractors with our message service.
  8. Finally, accept the bid of the contractor you choose based on the price of the bid, the reviews they have received, and how you feel about them from any communications you’ve had. You’re not required to choose the lowest bid.
  9. When the project has been completed, please write a review of the contractor.

Alternatively... use the directory to search for a contractor in your area. You can go directly to the contractors’ profile page, and check any reviews received. Contact the contractor(s) you like and arrange to have your project done. You will not be able to write a review using this process; only projects that have gone through the bidding process can be reviewed.

There are a couple of points that need mentioning. First, going through the bidding process will likely save you money because the bids are “blind”; to get your project the contractors will need to offer reasonable bids based on they’re expected costs. Second, be wary of “low-ball” bids. If, for example, you receive 6 bids ranging from $4,500 to $5,500 and a seventh bid at $3,000 we highly recommend you at least question the contractor before accepting the low bid. Third, accepting a bid on our site is NOT legally binding on either party; an actual paper document signed by both parties is required if any legal issues arise. Fourth, when writing a review, please try to be fair and honest. If you were constantly arguing with the contractor but the finished work was excellent, please at least mention the quality of the work in your review. Finally, when it comes to signing a written contract, you have every right to refuse the contractor’s service should they attempt to charge more than the bid they placed; simply start the bidding process over should you so desire.

Step-by-step Instruction for the Service Professional (“Contractor”)
  1. Register your account.
  2. Place mouse over your user name (upper right corner) to access the drop-down menu.
  3. Pick your choice. To view projects select “projects”.
  4. Please go to how our service works under contractor
    1. A list of projects will appear
    2. Select “view” to get the basic details of the project as posted by the consumer/homeowner
    3. To begin the bidding process, send a free message to the consumer/homeowner letting them know you are interested in their project, set up a appointment to view project after you seen the project location place a bid for $4.99 per project listing
    4. Service Providers can receive a refund within 21 days of payment (for Platinum package) or before expiration date of the trial period.
    5. Sorry No refunds will be provided for the $4.99 charge on individual bids.
  5. Wait for the consumer/homeowner to approve you for the bidding process.
  6. Communicate with the consumer/homeowner, visit the site of the project if necessary, and if you decide to move forward select “bid on this project” to place your actual bid. Try to make bids that reflect your actual expected costs and whatever you consider a reasonable profit (this is the best way to actual get to do the project).
  7. For certain projects the normal messaging/communication process may be truncated or even skipped entirely. This will depend entirely on the type of project involved. In such cases, the only step may be to select “bid on this project” (fees still apply).
  8. After you complete the project, the consumer/homeowner will hopefully write a review of your work. You are allowed a single response to the review. If, for whatever reason, you happen to get a negative review, please remember that you are the “professional”; writing a response that is insulting to the consumer will more than likely to make you look even worse to other consumers who see the review and your response.

Contact Us

Phone: (937)561-5643
Email Us @ customersupport@biddogs.net
or Mail To: Ace Media P.O. BOX 815 Urbana, Ohio 43078
Thank you for using biddogs.net. Sincerly, Jason Bailey, Owner/Founder.

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